This is what the new battery percentage indicator looks like in iOS 16

In the latest iOS 16 beta, Apple finally added a battery percentage indicator to the status bar, and as my colleague Victoria Song wrote, it’s disgusting. I usually keep my battery percentages low anyway, but the new one just seems to be bad. As Victoria pointed out, one particularly glaring problem is that the icon’s “battery” is full regardless of the percentage, making the icon more difficult to analyze.

However, I have seen one layout that follows the new style for the battery percentage indicator, but is much better visual. Check it outfrom Brian Michel, Engineering Manager at The Browser Company:

For me, this layout is a lot easier to understand in a pinch, and that’s what I want when I take a quick look to see how long I can go without charging. I like how the battery fills up to reflect how much juice is actually in the tank. And when the counter is overlaid on the numbers, they switch from white to black, which I personally think is beautiful.

Hopefully, Apple will take inspiration from this layout and make some changes ahead of the public release of iOS 16 this fall.

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