The smugglers used her as a ‘blind’ drug mule to tape drugs to the bottom of the woman’s car

blind' drug

A woman who pulled into a San Diego auto shop after seeing smoke coming from her car was quite surprised when an inspection found a tracking device and two large bundles of illegal drugs taped to the undercarriage. According to officials, the woman was on the freeway when she saw smoke coming from the back of her car. When he went downtown to a Jiffy Lube to inspect a car.

There, mechanics went under his car and discovered two large bundles of illegal drugs wrapped in plastic and taped to the bottom. White powder was spilled from a bundle. A tracking device in the vehicle was also compromised, officials said. San Diego’s Bomb and Arson Squad responded to safely remove the bundles from the car.

According to officials, drug smugglers often smuggle their wares across the border by attaching the drugs to unsuspecting victims in Mexico, who then unknowingly take the drugs across the border. The smugglers then follow the tracking device and retrieve the drugs unseen, officials added.


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