Nothing Phone(1) facing hardware issues

Nothing recently launched the Nothing Phone (1), the company’s first Android smartphone. The phone has been one of the most talked about smartphones of late, but it is undoubtedly not without its own problems. Buyers who pre-ordered the device through Flipkart have started receiving them and some of them have already started showing several issues with the device. It seems that some Nothing Phone (1) devices are experiencing various hardware-level issues.


According to a report by 91Mobiles, a green color issue for companies launching devices with AMOLED panels is, “nothing” new. The Nothing Phone (1) joins the list of cellphones that have suffered the same fate in the past. As the name suggests, green tint problem is a defect in the device’s display as the darker parts of the display take on a green tint.


A customer who bought a Nothing Phone (1) through Flipkart had to return it in the hope of getting a unit without any issues, but the replacement handset had the same problem. These are clear signs of poor quality control during the manufacturing process.

Apart from the green tint issue, many have also been plagued with faulty selfie cameras. Notably, numerous Nothing Phone (1) devices now feature a punch-hole selfie camera that appears significantly enlarged.

It’s a bit disappointing to see such issues with a brand’s pilot smartphone, though the Nothing team has already acknowledged the issues and affected buyers will likely receive a replacement unit. The company has yet to release official instructions on what users should do if their Nothing Phone (1) encounters similar issues. We can only hope that these issues don’t appear in the upcoming batch of Nothing Phones (1) that roll out of production.

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