Micron is the world’s highest capacity microSD card with 1.5TB of storage

While smartphones microSD card were still gaining popularity, there was a time when memory card capacity was in megabytes instead of gigabytes. In the modern market, this figure has even surpassed the terabyte mark, but Micron seems to want to push the boundaries further.


The company has just announced the world’s highest capacity microSD card, which has 1.5TB of storage. This is made possible by the brand new i400 microSD card with a maximum storage capacity of 1.5TB, a huge amount of extra storage for electronic devices that support memory expansion through a microSD card slot.

Although, it is still unfortunate that most modern smartphones do not support this technology, there are still several other applications. Micron 176 has been able to achieve record breaking capabilities using Layer 3D NAND technology, the same technology used on SSDs. In other words, it basically means that the memory cells are stacked on top of each other in a 3D pattern.

microSD card

However, it also implies that the new memory card will probably have a premium price tag at the beginning, which is usually true for most new technologies that break records. But, that means that previous genre 1TB models will soon be more affordable.


 Form Factor (Dimensions) microSDHC™ and microSDXC™ UHS-I (15mm x 11mm x 1mm)
 SDA Specification SDA 6.1
 Capacity 128GB to 1TB
 Temperature Range Operating: –25C to 85C Storage: –40C to 85C
 Speed Class Class 10, U3
 Application Performance Class A2
 Video Speed Class V30
 Sequential (Burst) Performance Reads: Up to 100 MB/s Writes: Up to 95 MB/s
 Random Performance Reads: 4000 IOPS Writes: 2000 IOPS
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