LG IMS” Bug was causing some LG phones on T-Mobile

LG devices on T-Mobile could face a serious setback over the weekend. A backend change shows LG devices a persistent error that causes “LG IMS” to crash without the ability to connect to cellular services. Even after the above error message has been dismissed, error messages continue to show up with very little time to perform other activities.

The good news is that a resolution has been issued. Anyone experiencing this problem, including LG devices on T-Mobile, should restart their devices to resolve the issue. Those who do not restart their device will need to see a solution the next day. This has been confirmed by a ‘reliable source’ in the TMO report.

lg ims

The problem is that a change in T-Mobile’s system affected LG devices connected to the carrier. The app that showed the error, LG IMS is a system protocol used to manage data and voice connections via LTE. This component of LG’s firmware is briefly broken, making it impossible for these devices to make calls or use their device consistently with messages.

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