Stuffcool 10,000mAh power bank with 15W wireless and 22.5W wired charging launched date

Stuffcool has launched a new wireless power bank in India. The homegrown brand has expanded its range of wireless power banks with the latest offering. The latest model is called PB9036W 15W. Besides wireless, the device also supports wired charging. Let’s take a look at the accessory below.


The Stuffcool PB9036W 15W Power Bank has a compact and slim design. It is light and easy to carry. There is an LED indicator to notify the battery percentage while charging and discharging. The device is BIS certified and comes with a 5-layer intelligent security system.

The Stuffcool PB9036W 15W Wireless Power Bank is equipped with a 10,000mAh battery unit. It is capable of charging compatible devices wirelessly at up to 15W. TWS earphones like Samsung Galaxy Buds and AirPods Pro can be charged at 5W while iPhone models support 7.5W charging speed. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Flip support 10W charging while the flagship Galaxy S lineup tops out at 15W speeds.

The Stuffcool PB9036W 15W Wireless Power Bank has three ports. The Type-C connector can provide 20W PD power as well as 22W PPS power. The Type-A connection offers fast charging at 22.5W. Finally, there is a micro input port that supports 18W charging.

Stuffcool PB9036W 15W Wireless Power Bank is priced at Rs 2,990. It comes with a six-month manufacturing warranty and can be purchased from the brand’s official website and all leading retail stores across the country.

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