Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is run by a car, survives rigorous durability tests

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was launched alongside Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ smartphones and the Galaxy Tab S8 series at the company’s Galaxy Unpacked event on February 9. A week later, smartphone enthusiasts and reviewers who have managed to get their hands on the company’s flagship smartphones have begun testing the longevity and durability of the handsets. A recent video posted to YouTube shows Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra immersed in water, scratched, bent, and run over by a car, showcasing the build quality of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone.

The South Korean company revealed during the launch event that the Galaxy S22 series was protected by Armor Aluminium and Gorilla Glass Victus+, which features on both the front and the back of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. A recent video on the PBKReviews channel gives the smartphone a rating of 9.5 out of 10 for durability. In the video, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is first immersed in water briefly, with no effect on the smartphone — not surprising, it has an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance.

Next, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone is subject to a scratch test, where the phone shows scratches with a level 7 Mohs hardness pick, and deeper groves with a level 8 pick. Scratching the fingerprint sensor area does not appear to prevent the sensor from functioning, according to the video. While the sides of the phone are made from metal, the antenna area is covered in plastic. The smartphone was also subjected to a “bend test” which can give viewers an idea of what might happen if the phone is subjected to bending in a tight pocket.

The video then goes on to subject Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra to another harsh test — being run over by a car. While it is unclear how many users will ever see their phone end up under the wheel of a car, the Galaxy S22 Ultra appears to have escaped PBKReview’s last test unscathed. The smartphone appeared to be working normally after the ordeal, with no bending and the screen intact, aside from a few scratches from lying face down during the test.

While PBKReviews gives the Galaxy S22 Ultra a 9.5/10 rating for durability, the channel also recently put the vanilla Galaxy S22 model through the same tests last week, giving it a 10/10 rating. The channel did not perform drop tests on both Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra handsets, but these are likely to appear on other YouTube channels as the phones reach more reviewers and users in the coming weeks. For now, it appears that Samsung has managed to create what could be some of the most durable smartphones of 2022. Also more…

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