Meta and Ray-Ban’s story specs are adding WhatsApp support

Meta and Ray-Bans story lenses add WhatsApp support, allowing users to make hands-free calls, send text messages and listen to loud messages. The addition follows a rollout of similar Facebook Messenger features last year, and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says users will soon be able to reply directly to WhatsApp and Messenger messages with voice commands.


The new features, partially leaked in April, integrate storage more closely with the meta ecosystem. They are continuing Meta’s steps towards becoming a virtual and augmented reality company as well as a social networking site. Even after the delay in Meta’s full-fledged consumer AR glasses rollout, they created an audio-centric AR with a potential stopgap, its existing hardware lineup. It follows the lead of companies like Bose, which has introduced and discontinued AR audio glasses as well as a set of Amazon echo frames. Stories, of course, also retain their key features: capturing photos and videos to post on Facebook.

For now, however, the new feature will have a limited impact on many WhatsApp users as stories are available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Australia – not huge WhatsApp markets like India and Brazil.

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