Fix how the flashlight is not working on iPhone

The iPhone’s flashlight is a valuable tool. When taking pictures or navigating at night, flashlights are extremely useful. The iPhone’s flashlight is effective if you need a fast and convenient light source, but it can sometimes fail to perform.


After downloading Apple’s latest iOS update, some iPhone owners have had difficulty using the stock flashlight on their smartphones. Although this issue has not yet been addressed by the company, it has become a concern for iPhone owners in recent times. Fortunately, the problem is one that you can only solve on your own. In this article, we will give you 5 ways to make FlashLig iPhone not working problem.

Flashlight Not Working on iPhone Issue?

If the iPhone’s flashlight feature doesn’t work, there are various reasons behind it. In most cases, the cause of a software error or error. Other than that, there are many reasons why the flashlight may not work. Since there are many reasons behind the problem, there are many solutions. Try each of them and find out which one works for you.

1. Charge Your iPhone


When your phone’s battery is almost exhausted, the flashlight may not work. This is especially true if the phone is too hot or too cold, both of which reduce the phone’s ability to perform properly. Restart your iPhone once it has charged and cooled to a comfortable temperature.

2. Close the App Which is Using the Phone’s Camera


If the flashlight icon turns gray when you use another app, this method is usually the best option. Make sure the other option has nothing to do with the phone’s camera. To fix the problem, all you have to do is close the other app if it uses the phone’s camera.

3. Restart The iPhone


Restarting the device can fix many software issues and bugs. Apps and features that don’t work properly can be fixed by resetting these temporary settings. Restarting not only shuts down the app but also removes temporary cache and services that may cause problems. So, try restarting the iPhone and see if the issue is resolved.

The restarting process is quite simple. All you have to do is press and hold the power button for 4 seconds. Slide right to turn off your device. Turn on the device after 2 minutes.

4. Restore the iPhone’s Settings

While this may seem dramatic, the method does not delete any of your data or applications. In other words, it restores the iPhone to its original settings, which can bring back the flashlight icon (and, therefore, the flashlight).

If the above methods do not; For you, this is the only option left. Some changes will be made to your iPhone after this recovery. Your wallpaper and clock alarms will be set by default So, before you go to sleep, make sure that you have sounded your alarm. So, here’s how to restore iPhone settings in easy steps.

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings App.iPhone
  • In the list of options, tap on the “General” Tab.
  • In the General settings, you’ll see an option called “Reset”. Tap on it.
  • On the following page, tap on “Reset All Settings”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and reset the iPhone’s settings.
  • Check whether the problem persists. If not, you are only left with one option. Read further to know more.

5. Contact Apple Customer Support

After trying all of the above methods, the last option you have is to contact the Apple Customer Store. If you have a hardware issue you need to contact Apple or a qualified repair shop. If your iPhone is still covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee you should get a free repair.

Do not try to unlock the iPhone yourself as it will void your warranty. So, think carefully and go for customer support. I hope the above solution has helped you to fix the flashlight of your iPhone. This error can be a software and a hardware issue. Let’s see what the problem is. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to perform a hard reset. If you do not back up your phone, you will lose all your data

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