Find out how you can get rid of ads on Tumblr now

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that has been around for ages and allows for users to post images, short texts, videos and more.


This microblogging site was initially launched without any ads but as the world moved from non-monetized websites to really monetized websites everything changed. Tumblr started displaying ads a few years back which bothered a lot of faithful users and the worst part was there was no way to circumvent these ads

What is the Subscription All About?

Tumblr is monetizing the user frustration with ads and giving allure of an ad-free experience that will allow users to enjoy the content on Tumblr without having to deal with adverts and feeling like you are constantly being bothered.


This obviously isn’t the first time that company has monetized the frustration that users feel when they see ads in their content. Even Google does it with their YouTube premium and so does Spotify with their premium subscription

The Cost of Having No Ads

Well, there are no free lunches in life just like there are no free ad-free social platforms. Tumblr has tried to keep the subscription costs in check to ensure better user acceptance of the move and this may just be the starting price and we may see Tumblr hike the price if the users accept this move.

As of date, the subscription for Tumblr Premium is available at $4.99 a month or if you aren’t scared of commitment and will for sure be hanging around on Tumblr for an entire year then you can always buy the yearly plan that costs $39.99 which is a 33 percent discount from the monthly price.

Likely Audience for Tumblr Premium

Tumblr has been around since the early ‘00 and a lot of people miss the simpler times when It was easy and clean to access Tumblr without having to see a lot of ads and basically it was much easier to get to the content without anything else affecting the attention.


A lot of people feel irritated or agitated with the idea of ads and even though it is the reality of today, many people still avoid ads by paying a few extra bucks to ensure their experience is ad-free entirely.

The idea behind the subscription is simple the company is using ads to generate revenue and this is a well-known fact and doesn’t need any extra research. The viewer usually understands this concept and if given an option chooses to pay the company money directly and have an ad-free experience.

Tumblr’s Angle in the Subscription

Aside from the most obvious reason that Tumblr may have a premium subscription on its platform, there are some other reasons too that make this a very profitable deal for Tumblr. The biggest benefit to Tumblr is having confirmed revenue. Ads essentially are paid for based on the month, time and season.

Due to ads being affected by seasonality the income generated by displaying ads may vary based on a complex number of factors but with a subscription, Tumblr will be sure of getting a certain amount of revenue regardless of the factors that make ad revenue seasons like holidays and more.

This move may get Tumblr a few mixed reactions but with us, you will always get a happy reaction along with timely updates on the stories. So make sure you keep visiting us for more such tech news! Also more…

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