Eurovision 2022 Tickets: How To Get Them on Sale

Want to grab those tickets?

We all do. We all want to be a part of the 66th Eurovision 2022 but how? Obviously, we have to grab the tickets first.

The Eurovision 2022 will take place on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday i.e. 10th May, 12th May, and 14th May respectively.

Eurovision 2022 tTickets

Without asking for much of your time, we are about to drive you through every bit of detail we have on Eurovision 2022 including how you can get the tickets. 

Let’s go, let’s sort this out.

Eurovision 2022 Tickets – How To Get Them?

Every year, a year before the contest, the tickets go on sale. Sometimes, the tickets go on sale even in the same year.

However, for 2022, there is no update yet. No one is aware and there is no news when the tickets will hit the sale counter for Eurovision 2022.

Eurovision 2022 Tickets

Rai, the Italian organizer, and broadcaster of Eurovision Song Contest 2022 want to take care of Sanremo 2022 which is set to take place on February 5th. Once the national selections are over, that is when the tickets go on sale. Currently, this is just a rumor.

The factors that deeply affect the commencement of ticket sale are: –

  • The host city
  • The Arena
  • The Ticket Sale Agency
  • The Arena Floor Plan

All these factors equally contribute.

Once the tickets are available, you can get them for 9 Shows. There will be three live shows in Eurovision 2022 and six rehearsals.

Find the details below.

Semi-Final 1

The tickets of the below-mentioned schedule might vary once they are on sale.

Jury Rehearsal – Monday at 21:00 PM

Family Rehearsal – Tuesday at 15:00 PM

Live Show – Tuesday at 21:00 PM

Semi-Final 2

Jury Rehearsal – Wednesday at 21:00 PM

Family Rehearsal – Thursday at 15:00 PM

Live Show – Thursday at 21:00 PM


The tickets of the below-mentioned schedule might vary once they are on sale.

Jury Rehearsal – Friday at 21:00 PM

Family Rehearsal – Saturday at 13:30 PM

Live Show – Saturday at 21:00 PM

Over the years, there have been variations in ticket prices. Every year, the value fluctuates. Mostly, the most expensive tickets are sold for the Finale night and the live shows.

In Eurovision 2021, the tickets were priced at €40 and €245. In 2019, the tickets were priced between €183 and €415. Furthermore, in 2018, they cost between €5 and €299.

Grab “Special Tickets”

You are in luck if you belong to the Eurovision Fan Club. Every year, members of the Eurovision Fan Club get special discounts when they buy their tickets.

If you have the “special tickets”, you can stand in the “Special Fan Zone”, that is the perk you get with these tickets.

However, fan tickets are only available on the Official Fan Clubs page.

Who Will be Performing in the Grand Finale & Where?

Now that you are planning to buy a ticket, it is crucial to know who you will see performing in the Grand Finale in Turin, Italy.

Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Germany are pre-qualified and will be performing on 14th May 2022 for the Grand Finale.

As for the other members, you can catch them in the Semi-Finals that will take place on 10th May 2022 and 12th May 2022 respectively.

Are you planning to get those tickets yet?

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