Coming to Stray or Game Pass on Xbox

Stray isn’t on Xbox or Game Pass yet, but it’s likely to be eventually, as it’s currently listed as a ‘limited-time console exclusive’ by Sony itself. This suggests that it’s only a matter of timing and that eventually there will be an Xbox release that you can wait for.


It’s probably a game Microsoft will want too, even if it gets some time after its initial release. It’s been well-reviewed across the board, and caught a lot of people’s attention because: cats. In our Stray review we called it an “unprecedented, if compact, cat adventure” and awarded it a 4.5 out of 5. Here’s what we currently have on the Xbox release of Stray and whether or not it’s coming to Game Pass.

While we can’t be sure that Stray will be coming to Game Pass in the future, we can be fairly certain that it’s coming to Xbox in some form. That image is taken from Stray’s PlayStation teaser trailer (opens in new tab). As you can see, it very clearly states that it’s a “limited-time console exclusive” as well as being available on PC. This almost certainly suggests an Xbox release is on the way, it’s just a matter of when. Well, there’s a slim possibility that the mention of console exclusivity might just refer to a Nintendo Switch version, but that’s unlikely — Annapurna Interactive, for the most part, releases its games on everything.

As for stray Xbox Game Pass releases, it’s a little harder to predict. Annapurna already took a payment from Sony for PlayStation exclusivity so it’s hard to say whether it might take another one from Xbox to keep Game Pass. Or will Microsoft even pay for a second hand release? Only time will tell there. If the PlayStation and PC releases do well enough, who knows? Everyone seems to love playing cats.

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