Apple Retail Employees are Using Android Phones Here’s Why

Apple is the world’s most valuable organization and the largest information technology company by revenue. However, Apple’s retail employees have started using Android phones.

Yes, if you’ve come across this news, you’re probably questioning why they’re using Android phones while working for Apple. But the problem is more complicated than you think.


Before we go into it, we can hint to you that despite being the largest technology company, its employees are not benefiting from it. Because they are not receiving what they are entitled to. So, let’s get to the bottom of the issue.

Apple Retail Employees Are Using Android Phones

Apple retail employees, according to reports, have started using Android phones and encrypted communications to keep unionization intentions concealed. Okay, unionization? Don’t get confused let’s explain that.

An outlet investigated the matter further and questioned several of the retail employees. If a corporation prospers, its employees have a right to prosper as well, yet Apple does not appear to follow this rule.


Retail employees surveyed by The Post think they haven’t reaped the benefits of the company’s success. According to the company, Apple retail staff can make anywhere from $17 to more than $30 per hour. That’s obviously dependent on their market and rank, and earn between $1,000 and $2,000 in stocks.

However, the employees claim that compensation has not kept pace with inflation over the ages. This implies that retail workers are earning less while they promote more Apple devices.


And that’s totally unfair for the workers. And they’re actually suffering a lot. One retail employee made a remark about this.

“I have a lot of co-workers and friends who I genuinely love and they do not make enough to get by. They’re struggling and they’re hurting and we work for a company that has the resources to make sure that they’re taken care of.”

Apple Store Employees Are Reportedly Unionizing

As previously said, even an organizer stated on this matter that they are not being paid what they deserve.

Two stores are preparing to submit paperwork for unionization with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and joining a union is necessary to defend themselves from the injustice.

Managers are also spying on employees, according to organizers; unionizing employees are coordinating utilizing Android phones and other less-detectable channels of interacting.


That is the primary reason why Apple employees are embracing Android phones to prevent their conversations from being snooped on. Managers eavesdropping pressured them to take this step of utilizing less apparent technology.

Unionization has been encouraged by Apple employees as a result of the Starbucks incident victory at several stores in the United States. Which originated as tiny unionization but grew to encompass 100 stores across the country.


Employees at Apple are doing their best. It’s no secret that Apple has made a fortune in recent years. And that’s definitely due to their retail employees that sell the product. But just not receiving even a fraction of that is awful. What are your thoughts on what’s been going on? Let us know in the comment section below. Also more…

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