Apple filed a patent to fit a Mac to the Magic keyboard

Apple and minimalism seem like two best friends that can never be separated. This relation with minimalism seems to be alive again as Apple has recently filed a patent for an extremely minimalistic version of the Mac.


Apple recently filed a patent that showcases that computing components can be added to a keyboard with a slightly denser housing these components can then act as a fully functioning machine when connected to external display devices.

This information came to light as the US Patent & Trademark Office published the patent application from Apple. This application is supposed to use the preexisting Magic Keyboard’s design language with a beefier body.

Reasons Behind making A Keyboard Computer

Essentially most people today are working from home and it is not uncommon for most people to have a desktop computer that is at a static location. Now, this computer has a huge footprint when it comes to space.

Most desktop computers come with a big CPU case and these CPU cases are the biggest space hogs but in addition to having a CPU case, there is always a monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Headphones. Having all of these things crowd a desk is a painful affair.

Moreover, the portability of the aforementioned desktop setup is very low as it would require a lot of effort and Space which is a problematic issue in today’s day and age according to Apple. Hence, Apple has decided to make this Keyboard Mac.

How Is the Keyboard Mac Supposed to Work?

Well according to Apple, the keyboard frame can be used to put in a motherboard and some IO ports can be added to ensure connectivity. The design also suggests implementing the latest wireless technologies in order to allow users to connect their wireless peripherals.


This mac would likely use custom made motherboards that can easily fit into chassis without compromising on any major component. One can also assume that the performance on this device may also be severely limited

The Thermal Issue

Apple has also thought of thermal issues which would be a serious problem in such a densely packed computing device. Apple has come up with two main variations to mitigate thermal issues and reduce the heating of the device.

The first variation will have vents to ensure that the machine will have better airflow and will reduce the heat substantially. The idea here would be to create a pathway from the cool air to come in using the first vent and the hot air to go out through the second vent while cooling the components in the process.


The second variation will have a thermal base to spread the heat that is generated by the CPU and GPU. This concept is not new however given the space restrictions in the design Apple may have a challenge on their hand with this one.

The patent that was originally filed was 63067783 which was filed in August in the year 2020. The latest patent that was released by the US Patent & Trademark Office is numbered 20220057845

Although this is an interesting idea it may take a long while before we see Apple come out with an actual product as this is just a patent filing and that’s just the start of the keyboard Mac Project.

We are excited about this project and will keep updating you on where the keyboard Mac Project is heading so make sure that you keep visiting us!

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